Common Commercial Roof Types

Commercial buildings often have flat roofs as they are easier and less expensive to build while allowing for maximum usage of the interior space. But particularly in Northeast Ohio, commercial building flat roofs (and minimally sloped roofs) can be a challenge. They can easily leak if they are not properly installed, sealed and maintained, leading to very costly problems for your commercial or industrial building.
Your building is a big investment and deserves to be properly protected through all of our robust Ohio seasons and weather events.
Roberts Roofing repairs, replaces, and installs all types of flat roofs on commercial and industrial buildings in the Greater Cleveland area. We bring over 40 years of experience to every job. Whether you are in the new construction phase, in need of repair or replacement, or simply want an honest partner who will work with you on the optimal commercial roof material and maintenance plan for your building, Roberts Roofing is here to help you protect your investment.

Types of Flat Roofing

Should I replace or restore my commercial roof?

Flat Roofing Repair, Restoration and Replacement Services

Our commercial building flat roof services include:

We take a custom, transparent approach to each job and will never sell you products or services that you don’t truly need. Our service starts with a completely free inspection and evaluation where we determine what’s best for your commercial building. We provide a detailed analysis and options of how to move forward with building, repairing, maintaining, re-covering or even completely replacing your roof. We also cover warranties, how they work, what’s included, and share industry advice on how to get the best, longest life for your flat roof.

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