Roberts Roofing’s experienced team of architectural sheet metal professionals has the design and technical skills to replace or repair a standing-seam roof of any size – whether on an outdoor pavilion, condominium or manufacturing facility – with a specialty metal. Our reliable team can also clad or retrofit building walls and install commercial gutters, coping metal, scuppers and down-spouting.

Many clients choose Roberts Roofing for our architectural sheet metal work because we fabricate all of the specialty metals we install in our in-house sheet metal shop. Whether your building would be best fitted with copper, aluminum, pre-finished steel or lead-coated panels, Roberts Roofing will help you make the right choice and ensure the highest quality finished product.

Our skill in the architectural sheet metal area is something we’re especially proud of. Some of our most satisfied clients are those who operate large industrial buildings, which have networks of vents, exhaust stacks and curbing that demand the special care and consideration of an experienced architectural sheet metal installer.

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How is metal used on commercial building roofs?

Metal roofing is a fairly common specification in commercial building plans. The metal roof panels are generally laid out in a standing seam pattern with nothing but rivets and screws on the surface. Insulation, if included at all, is generally applied to the underside of the roof deck from within the facility.

What is involved in the maintenance of a commercial roof?

Maintaining and repairing a metal roof system is just as simple as maintaining any other commercial roof system. Special materials must be used, primarily elastomeric products, instead of asphalt-based products, which may be harmful to the metal roof surface or fail to seal anything.

When replacing a metal roof system, several solutions are available. Other than the removal of old metal panels and replacing with new matching panels, you can apply flat stock insulation boards directly to the prepped metal roof surface, and then apply a warrantable built-up or single-ply roof system. It is very easy to secure a 20- to 30-year complete warranty from most commercial roof system manufacturers this way.

What are the pros and cons of metal roofs?

Metal roof systems are functional and efficient, but they aren’t exempt from issues. The roof deck itself is often the only thing separating the inside of the facility from the elements above. It is not uncommon for metal roof systems to suffer from oxidation and rusting; rivets and fasteners popping loose or lifting; and stress-related leaks at the penetrations.

Metal roofs can be an attractive option due to their longevity, minimal maintenance and energy efficiency, as long as you are aware of some of the issues stated above. If you are considering a metal roof as a potential replacement for your aging roof, the professional team at Roberts Roofing can help you determine what makes the most sense.



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