PVC Roofing

PVC Roofing System Repair and Replacement Services

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a highly popular plastic polymer used in commercial roofing solutions. It is a lightweight, single ply material best used for commercial buildings with flat or low sloped roofs. Highly durable and utilizing welded seams, PVC roofs are ideal for climates with inclement and/or harsh weather like our intensely hot summers and cold, wet, and snowy winters. PVC contains a lower percentage of oil and petroleum than other similar solutions such as TPO or EPDM and due to its durability, is better for the environment as it has to be replaced less often than some other types of roofing. This thermoplastic material is often used in light colors such as gray or off-white for roofing, offering a reflexive quality that bounces heat back from the sun. This can lower your energy costs and utility bills by as much as 40% per year, making it a very popular roofing solution. It also increases fire protection as it is resistant to fire and oxidation reactions, and is highly resistant to chemicals and grease.

When installed correctly and appropriately, PVC roofs can last for decades.

The experts at Roberts Roofing can help you determine exactly which type of commercial roofing solution is best for your building. While PVC has been popular for a long time and offers many advantages, TPO might also be appropriate. Our experienced team will do a complimentary commercial roof inspection to determine which material and solution is right for your building and budget.

Why a single ply roofing system may be best for your commercial building



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