Professional roofing contractors, designers and manufacturers all agree that a yearly roof system inspection, including necessary wear and tear repairs, will prolong the life of your commercial or industrial building’s roof. A yearly commercial roofing maintenance and repair program will save your company thousands of dollars and greatly lessen the chances of a devastating roof catastrophe.

Commercial roof inspections are critical acts of maintenance that are necessary to prolonging the life of your commercial roof system. Roberts Roofing actually recommends two inspections per year, with any necessary repairs made during those times. These inspections are best performed in the spring and early fall. Regular maintenance and inspections will reveal and allow for the repair of any damage or potential issues that could compromise your roof system.

Roberts Roofing will go the extra mile when performing a commercial roof maintenance contract inspection for your facility. If a problem is due to a related trade, (e.g., masonry, windows or HVAC), we will identify the problem for you and recommend a qualified contractor if you do not have one.

  • All comprehensive maintenance contracts are designed for warranted and non-warranted roofing systems for a set fee
  • A comprehensive commercial roof maintenance contract can be combined with leak repair credit for an all-inclusive roof solution
  • Every roof system should be protected by a maintenance contract as manufacturers’ warranties DO NOT cover all roof issues that may arise

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How does the inspection process begin?

If you are like most building owners, you want to do something but just don’t know where to start. An experienced, trained professional from Roberts Roofing can schedule an appointment with you to conduct a survey of your roof. Our surveys can be a simple walk-through with written recommendations, or a detailed survey with drawings, core cuts, detailed specifications and budget numbers with a time frame for completion. At the end of our survey, we can also provide a maintenance agreement with several options to suit your needs.

What should I expect from a maintenance crew? First, you want a maintenance and repair crew who are separate from general roofing crews. Why? Maintenance technicians are trained and experienced in investigating potential problems that will cause roof leaks in the future. They know what to look for and how to repair the problem according to the roofing system manufacturer’s specifications. A professional maintenance crew should be knowledgeable in all types of roof systems, including TPO, BUR and EPDM.
When do inspections make the most sense?

Northeast Ohio winters are tough on roofing systems. The repeated freeze/thaw cycle can wreak havoc on any commercial roof deck. That’s why spring is an ideal time to check for any winter damage or necessary general maintenance so that you can address problems now and expand the life span of your flat roof.

You will find that spring inspections will actually save money and time in the long run. For example, spring is the perfect time to repair vertical seams and repair or coat flashings and tighten or replace loose fasteners. These are minor repairs compared to the need for a major replacements that might occur if problems go undetected.

For more information, read: How a Spring Commercial Roof Inspection Can Save You Money

How do I choose a commercial roofing contractor?

While a simple online search can provide you with a list of commercial roofers in your area, how do you decide who to call? The most important information on local commercial roofers can found by checking with reputable roofing manufacturers. Many manufacturers require some level of training or certification to apply their materials, so they can provide you with a list of roofers in your area they would recommend to install their products. Roberts Roofing is either certified by or actively trains with all the major commercial roofing manufacturers.

For more information, read our free guide: The Commercial Building Owner’s Guide to Roof Repair and Maintenance.

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