2/22/23 3:30 PM 5 min read

How a Spring Commercial Roof Inspection Can Save You Money


Do you know how well your roof fared over the past four or five months? There is no better time to find out! Spring is an ideal time to check for any winter damage or necessary general maintenance so that you can address any problems now and expand the lifespan of your flat roof.

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When Roberts Roofing Company conducts a spring inspection, we look for signs of damage, including:

  • Loose seams, including edges and corners
  • Damaged fasteners
  • Bubbles in the membrane; punctured membranes; or those split from freeze/thaw cycles
  • Loose flashing or seals around vents or drains
  • Soft or spongey spots in the roof field
  • Clogged or damaged drains and gutters
  • Signs of mold or algae

We first make a visual inspection to identify any areas that look problematic. That includes the inside of your building where large or multiple ceiling stains can indicates a serious problem. Roofs with gutters will need to be cleared of all debris. In some cases, we need to further inspect a problem area using special instrumentation. We will provide written documentation of any problem we find, along with our recommendations. It is also important to remember that many roofing manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep warranties current.

You will find that spring inspections will actually save money and time in the long run. For example, spring is the perfect time to repair vertical seams and repair or coat flashings. We often need to tighten or replace loose fasteners and replace wet insulation. These are minor repairs compared to major replacements that might result if problems go undetected.

Once you schedule your inspection, you will welcome the spring rain feeling much more assured that your roof is in good shape. As a bonus, you can avoid the summer rush of inspections and repairs.

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