2/16/17 9:52 AM 5 min read

5 Ways to Keep Foot Traffic from Damaging Your Commercial or Industrial Roof


One of the best ways you can get more life out of your commercial or industrial roof is by protecting your roof surface. Reducing the foot traffic on your roof – even in the middle of winter – can go a long way in lessening the wear and tear that can lead to costly commercial roof repair or roof replacement.

In addition to your regular roof maintenance check from your commercial roofer, other contractors occasionally need access to the roof to address HVAC, satellite dish and electrical issues. However, there are steps your facility manager can take to keep workers away from sensitive areas that are more likely to incur penetration damage from dropped tools or membrane damage from heavy foot traffic.

  • Limit access to the roof to approved personnel through the use of smart locks on roof scuttles.
  • Keep an activity log to keep track of who is on the roof and what their purpose is. In the unfortunate event that damage occurs, your log can help pinpoint when the damage occurred and by which party.
  • Maintain walkways to your rooftop equipment that requires regular service. Perhaps more important, provide walkways around sensitive areas of your roof.
  • Carefully monitor the tools and equipment that will be used for maintenance. Ask questions about any tools that could potentially puncture the roof membrane (or other vulnerable areas) and the procedures the contractor plans to follows to avoid such damage.
  • Contractors should take extra precautions in extreme weather conditions, especially when normal walkways can’t be used. It can become difficult when snow, ice or frost prevents clear visibility of membranes or other sensitive areas of your rooftop.

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At Roberts Roofing Company, we train our staff in safety precautions that help our commercial and industrial building owners prolong the life of their roofs. We believe our strong emphasis on best roofing practices has been one of the keys of our success in protecting our customers’ investment. We will continue to proactively advise commercial building owners on the practices that best protect their investment.

Roberts Roofing is committed to helping commercial building owners and facility managers keep their roofs in top operating condition. From regular inspections to repair and replacement, we can provide guidance about the steps you can take to prolong the life of your flat roof.

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