5 Warning Signs of Commercial Roof Damage

5 Warning Signs of Commercial Roof Damage

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Now that we are in the fall season, with winter not far away, it is a good time to remind commercial building owners to proactively look for signs of damage to their flat commercial roofs in Northeast Ohio. By spotting a problem early, you could avoid spending thousands of dollars on major roof repair or replacement of your flat roof.

Here are five warning signs that might signal a need to call in a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof:

1) Damaged Flat Roof Flashing

Note the metal strips that run along the edges of your roof. Their purpose is to secure your roofing materials and prevent water or any other debris from compromising your system. Is your flashing bent, rusting or otherwise damaged? If your roof flashing is not well-sealed, there is a good chance that water can seep into your commercial roof system. By addressing this problem as soon as possible, you can either prevent or keep water damage to a minimum.

2) Cracked or Blistered Commercial Roof Surface

Check for any cracking, bubbles or blisters on your roof surface; this could be a sign of trapped moisture, and that can lead to leaking. Blistering occurs when there are pockets of air or moisture trapped between the roof membrane and deck or between layers of the membrane itself. It’s not a good idea to ignore because the blisters will worsen and lead to more serious problems.

3) Commercial Roof Leaks

Now that we’re in the foul-weather season in Northeast Ohio, it’s a good time to check for ponding or standing water. While it’s normal to have some standing water after a storm, that water should drain or evaporate within 48-72 hours. If not, it can on lead to major leaks and cause premature aging of your flat roof.

4) Interior Water Stains

Sometimes you can detect problems within your commercial or industrial building. If you notice a water stain on the ceiling or walls of an upper floor, it’s time to investigate the possibility of damage to your roofing system.

5) Mold/ Smell Odors

Another red flag that you might spot inside your commercial building is mold or foul odors. This could result from water breaching your roofing system, or perhaps the exterior of your building. Be sure to have a professional roofing inspector look for any problematic areas.

Remember, small problems can indicate much larger problems. It’s better to catch them early when they can be addressed by a relatively simple repair.

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