3/14/23 8:45 AM 6 min read

Spring Is in the Air: Have You Scheduled Your Commercial Roof Inspection?


Did you barely squeak by this past winter without consequential damage to your commercial roof? Or, perhaps you’re operating under your roof with the old adage, “What I can’t see can’t hurt me.”

Commercial building owners: spring is the ideal time to check out the condition of your roofs. If you’re lucky, you’ve sailed into spring unscathed. You won’t know for certain without a spring roof inspection from a qualified professional commercial roofing contractor. Whether you already know for certain you have trouble areas, or just want to be sure your roof is sound, here are six tips to bear in mind:

  • Take a walk on your roof. Schedule time with a commercial roofing professional to examine the condition of your roof. Ponding water, loose fasteners and damaged membranes are danger signs that need further investigation. A membrane – whether EDPM, TPO or PVC – protects the insulation beneath it, so pay particular attention to any damage from the elements, foot traffic or mechanical units.
  • Conduct spring cleaning. While you’re on the roof, see if there is debris that can be cleared. With all the rain we get in Northeast Ohio, you’ll want to be sure water can drain, so be sure your roof drains, gutters and downspouts are clear of leaves, branches, foliage and other materials that can inhibit drainage or cause damage. Flat roofs can be attractive to animals, so also check for nests.
  • Examine vulnerable areas. Aside from the roof deck, you’ll also want to look at other materials that may need repair to mitigate future trouble. For example, a good professional roofing contractor will make sure your roof flashing – the metal that connects tow areas of the roof together – is not rusted or bent. If it is, water can get in and cause damage beneath. Your contractor will also look for rusted roof decking, a surefire sign of degradation.

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  • Take a good look inside. As we’ve mentioned in prior blogs, moisture issues are not limited to the roof. Walk around inside your building and examine ceilings and interior walls. Look for discoloration, water stains and mold, and notice any foul odors. Leaks, whether from the roof, pipes or an HVAC unit, can make their way into walls and ceilings, and both are telltale signs of a larger problem. If you see brown spots, your roofing contractor will investigate their source.
  • Get reacquainted with your warranty. If you do have damage, you’ll want to clearly understand what you’re covered for and what you’re not. You’ll want to take any necessary maintenance steps spelled out by the conditions of your warranty so that your warranty is still in good standing.
  • Schedule an inspection. We’ll end where we started. A good roof inspection will allay your concerns about how your roof fared over the winter months. Be sure you hire a professional roofer that only works on commercial roofs.

As you know, your roof is a long-term investment. Take the time to keep it in good working order so it can serve your needs over its full lifecycle. You will find that spring inspections will actually save money and time in the long-run. As a plus, you can avoid the summer rush for repairs and roof replacements. Above all, remember that annual inspections and ongoing maintenance will prolong the life of your commercial roof.

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