11/12/19 11:39 AM 6 min read

Safeguard Your Commercial Roof With Foul Weather Planning


In Northeast Ohio, we experience the beautiful change of seasons. The flip side is that we are subject to unpredictable weather like hail, high wind, snow and more. Knowing that your commercial roof is going to experience freeze-thaw cycles that can be damaging to your roofing materials, what steps can you take to minimize damage to your commercial roof?

Well before winter, autumn leaves can wreak havoc with your gutters and downspouts, both of which are essential to keeping water off the roof. When leaves and other debris interfere, you can be looking at thousands of dollars of damage. You need to keep your flat roof free of debris and flowing.

Once we get into the harsh winter months, water turns into ice which can exert pressure on any voids in the roof. Ice can also damage flashing and cause clogged drains, gutters and downspouts.

If water is prevented from moving through the drainage system, the build-up can exert great pressure on your roof deck. If water is running continuously from your gutter, it will eventually seep into your building.

Aside from preventative maintenance, you take steps to minimize damage by:

  1. Removing debris from drains
  2. Checking surrounding area for loose tree limbs and other items that could be hazardous under strong wind conditions (e.g., satellite dishes could be moved)
  3. Securing, removing or repairing old or outdated equipment, cables and loose HVAC components
  4. Checking for loose metal flashing, which can make your roof more vulnerable to leaks and water damage
  5. Ensuring your membrane is in sound condition
  6. Scheduling a roof inspection with a qualified commercial roofing contractor

Also, bear in mind that a repair made in the fall can triple in price if left neglected until the winter. It’s much more complex to make the repair when your roof is covered with snow.

Remember, even a properly installed roof is still vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. By
following these steps, you stand a greater chance of getting through weather events without major damage. However, if you do experience damage, don’t ignore it.

The professionals at Roberts Roofing perform year-round emergency commercial roof leak repair during or after severe weather events. Our emergency repair crews are ready to spring into action with the right materials and equipment to take care of the problem. We also recommend an inspection following a severe weather event or catastrophe to mitigate any damage that has occurred.

Regular maintenance programs and annual inspections will catch problems before foul weather settles in. For example, it is essential that you have the right roof drainage to ensure the integrity of your roofing system. You don’t want a damaged or low-quality membrane to lead to lost job time and high costs. By ignoring signs of moisture, you will be exacerbating the problem, leading to costly roof repairs or even commercial roof replacement.

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