9/28/22 12:58 PM 5 min read

Restoring a Commercial Roof in Northeast Ohio


Commercial roof repair is not one-size-fits-all. Many roofing companies specialize in whole-roof replacement and will sell you a new roof for your commercial building when it could be repaired and restored for much less money.

You need a roofer who customizes the job to your actual needs instead of focusing on selling you the solution they prefer. Robert’s Roofing has helped dozens of Cleveland-area commercial building owners restore their roofs when replacement isn’t necessary.

How do you know if your commercial building roof can be restored? We’ll share some of what goes into our process of determining whether your commercial roof can be restored instead of being completely replaced.

Questions to ask to see if your commercial roof can be restored

Many of the questions we ask are to determine how much of the total area of the roof is damaged. If there is severe damage or damage over a large percentage of the roof, total roof replacement may be needed. However, if there are isolated spots of damage, your commercial roof can likely be restored. Here’s a few of the questions we ask to determine if restoration is possible:

  • 1.) If it’s a metal roof, are there severely rusted/dangerous areas?
  • 2.) If metal, is there an existing aluminum coating, and if so, what is the age and condition of the coating?
  • 3.) Has wind, weather or debris caused the scrim to be exposed? If so, how much is exposed and how long has it been exposed?
  • 4.) Is insulation wet? If so, how much?
  • 5.) Are screws and fasteners loose/backing out? If so, how many/what percentage of the total roof?
  • 6.) Is standing water regularly present on the roof? Are there drainage/sloping issues?
  • 7.) How many roofing systems are already on the roof?

Benefits of Roof Restoration

Consider the following benefits of roof restoration before making the decision to replace your entire roof:

  • Cost: Roof replacement costs between $18 and $22 per square foot, whereas restoration requires costs about $6 to $9 per square foot.
  • Customized solutions: There are numerous restoration options available depending on the type, age, and extent of damage on your commercial roof.
  • Air conditioning savings: “Cool roof” solutions can lower the temperature of your commercial roof by increasing solar reflectivity, which can significantly reduce interior cooling costs.
  • Heat efficiency: Some types of roof provide excellent insulation, which can help reduce heating costs.
  • Potential tax savings through “greener” roofing solutions: Tax credits and rebates may be available for energy-efficient improvements, such as ENERGY STAR® qualification and LEED building standards.
  • Additional warranty: Many commercial roof restoration systems carry a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 15 years. Ask us how your restoration would be covered.

Repair, Restore, or Replace your Commercial Roof

Robert’s Roofing is proud to offer custom solutions for Northeast Ohio businesses. We will never try to sell you more of a solution than you need, and bring over 40 years of experience to every job. Contact us online to get started with a commercial roof restoration evaluation, or call us at 440-946-2233.