1/3/23 4:16 PM 6 min read

Protecting Your Investment and Prepare for the Unexpected: Commercial Roof Budgeting for 2023


Your commercial building is an important investment. If you overlook allocating budget towards the building’s roof, you could be courting disaster. Roberts Roofing has been serving customers for more than 40 years. We have seen how roof damage that is unplanned for and not in the budget can strike a tough blow to local businesses. We recommend proactive planning and budgeting for maintenance and unexpected surprises that may arise—in Northeast Ohio, you can count on weather surprises.

Here are some steps for a proactive and protective 2023 for your building and its commercial roof:

1.) Schedule a roof inspection with Roberts Roofing. A comprehensive roof inspection is ground zero for preventing unexpected surprises, planning for potential disaster and addressing small problems before they become big and massively expensive. We recommend a roof inspection at least once a year and especially before or after any large storm. Having an inspection done before big weather events can help prevent costly damage during a storm.

2.) Check your warranty. Understanding what actions or products could void your warranty is important. We always work with customers to make sure nothing we do will violate their warranty while protecting their commercial building roof. Further, all warranties have limitations and eventually expire. Don’t assume that your roof will be covered in case of damage.

3.) Create a proactive roof maintenance plan. Roberts Roofing can help you create a custom maintenance plan and budget for the year to extend the life span of your commercial building roof. This can include minor repairs and addressing small issues before they have the chance to become major points of vulnerability.

4.) Watch the weather. Our seasons here in Greater Cleveland mean extreme high and low temperatures, wind and precipitation of all kinds. Even the best roof can be damaged by Mother Nature. Budgeting and planning for these emergencies is prudent.

5.) Monitor supply chain trends. If your roof will need repair in 2023, understand that the industry is still affected by long delays in receiving materials. Factoring in unpredictable fuel prices and potential labor shortages, it’s best to plan your jobs as early as possible. We can help you choose an ideal time frame for commercial building roof projects.

6.) Emergency response. During severe weather periods, we regularly monitor our messaging system and can dispatch a team at a moment’s notice. We understand the urgency of emergency requests and have worked in all kinds of weather conditions.

Protecting your investment is an important part of budget planning. In 2023, make sure you budget for both maintenance and unexpected emergencies that may arise with your commercial building roof. As your trusted roofing partner, we can help evaluate your roof and prepare a plan for 2023 to ensure you’re covered—and so is your roof. Contact Roberts Roofing online to schedule an appointment, or call us at 440-946-2233.