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Library’s Ongoing Leaks Called for Smart Commercial Roofing Solutions


In April 2017, the facilities manager for the Cuyahoga County Public Libraries called Roberts Roofing Company regarding persistent leaking they had been experiencing in several of their buildings.

The affected libraries have many different roof systems and manufacturers. While multiple roofing companies attempted to complete the repairs, the problems remained unresolved due to poor communication and what the facilities manager found to be “unprofessional practices.”

For example, one roofing company would arrive at one of the affected buildings without communicating their arrival. The result was that there was no one there to explain the leak issue, or to let them into sensitive areas that were locked.

Unfortunately, the manager found the overall experience to be unsatisfactory, and the roof problems persisted.

Investigating the Causes

The single-ply membranes were fairly new with no obvious splits, holes or damage to the roofs. They were applied according to specification. With no apparent glaring issues to be blamed for the leaking, the library system’s facilities manager needed a repair crew with years of experience in all types of commercial roofing installations. More specifically, the situation called for commercial roofing professionals who understand the complex makeup of the building structure, type of roof deck, insulation layers and the installed roof membrane.

Roberts Roofing Company’s maintenance repair technician investigated the problem roofs. He found that the library buildings’ construction incorporated windows and brick walls built within 12 inches of the roof system. These specialized details contributed to the ongoing leaks.

Providing Transparent Solutions

Our technician understood the intricacy of the roof, and was able to identify the smallest inconsistencies causing the leaking. In addition to the annual training Roberts Roofing conducts to ensure our technicians remain up to date on the latest repair practices, our repair crews conduct inspection maintenance and repairs solely on commercial roofs, all day, every day. As a result, we know roofing manufacturing systems, products and detail specifications. We understand how buildings are constructed, and how different architectural nuances can lead to roof leaks over time.

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For the Cuyahoga County Public Libraries, our repair crew performed the repairs, solving the roof issues correctly and quickly. The facilities manager called to let us know that our men were very knowledgeable, polite and friendly, and communicated fully with them.

In addition to our ability to repair problems other companies could not fix, we let the customer know that one of the leaking roofs was still under a manufacturer’s warranty, saving them repair costs.

When we first met with the facility manager, she expressed her frustration with the commercial roofing industry. Once we identified and made the repairs, she is now very pleased with Roberts Roofing and plans to have a long relationship with us going forward.

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