5/5/17 10:27 AM 3 min read

Free Guide: Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance


How can you tell if your commercial roof needs maintenance? Can you recognize the warning signs of damage? As a business owner you have plenty of other expenses to think about, so it can be helpful to know what to expect from your roof warranty and how to get the longest possible life out of your roof.

Just as you wouldn’t buy a car and fail to keep up with the manufacturer’s required maintenance checks, there are regular maintenance inspections for your roof that you need to make to be sure you are honoring the materials warranty. In fact, the failure to correct minor roof defects in their earliest stages is the greatest cause of costly roof damage down the road.

It is always recommended that Northeast Ohio commercial building owners proactively look for signs of damage on their commercial roofs. By spotting a problem early, you could avoid spending thousands of dollars on major roof repair or replacement.

Roberts Roofing Company has assembled a free guide to help building owners understand what to expect from their professional roofing contractors when it comes to repairs and maintenance, and also to recognize the earliest signs of damage.

Our free 18-page e-book includes:

  • Chapter 1 – Does My New Commercial Roof Need Maintenance?
  • Chapter 2 – Warning Signs of Commercial Roof Damage
  • Chapter 3 – What Should I Expect During Commercial Roof Maintenance?
  • Chapter 4 – Maintenance Agreements versus Roof Warranties: Which Offers Greater Protection?
  • Chapter 5 – Managing Your Roof During Cold Weather Season
  • Chapter 6 – How to Prolong the Life of Your Commercial Roof

Learn more! Download our e-book: The Building Owner's Guide to Roof Repair and Maintenance

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