9/7/16 2:12 PM 5 min read

Five Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Flat Commercial Roof


As a building owner, your commercial roof is one of your most expensive investments. Just as you schedule regular maintenance checks for your car or home, regular maintenance of a flat roof will help to prevent costly and premature repairs. Just think, your roof not only protects your building—it ensures that your operations and employees can continue to execute the important functions you need for your business to be profitable.

With that in mind, the roofing professionals at Roberts Roofing Company recommend five tips for prolonging the life of your flat commercial roof.

1) Invest in Regular Roof Inspections Weathering, deterioration and heavy foot traffic are just a few factors that can contribute to problem areas. In addition to the regular checks your facilities manager (if you have one) makes, be sure that a professional roofing contractor inspects your roof twice a year. By carefully examining all roof areas, from the perimeter to the center, the contractor will be able to spot signs of problems such as damaged flashing.

2) Protect Roof Surface Be sure to limit access to the roof. Obviously, there will be other contractors that need access to the roof surface, such as HVAC workers, satellite dish installers and electricians. Designated walkways, padding and railings can help keep other contractors away from more sensitive areas. That being said, we advise inspecting the roof surface following such visits to determine whether any damage was inadvertently caused by heavy foot traffic or the penetration of the roof surface.

3) Maintenance Checks When you have a warranty with a commercial roofing contractor, be sure you understand everything that is covered and for how long. Keep in mind that you have obligations under the contract. The last thing you want to do is void your contract by not conducting inspections or reporting damage.

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4) Don’t Delay Repairs That small pool of water near a drain may not seem to present much of a problem today. Don’t wait until the weight of excessive water leads to a potential roof collapse. Have someone look at the roof inspected after extreme weather conditions of a rough winter with freeze-thaw cycles. You might have to fork over the money to make repairs, but that’s far better than paying for a roof replacement later.

5) Promote Water Flow As part of your roof inspection, make sure that all water runoff is working efficiently. Check that all gutters, drains and downspouts are kept clear and clean at all times.

Roberts Roofing is committed to helping commercial building owners and facility managers keep their roofs in top operating condition. From regular inspections to repair and replacement, we can provide guidance about the steps you can take to prolong the life of your flat roof.

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