10/19/20 12:30 PM 6 min read

Why Autumn is the Ideal Time for Roof Replacement


Have you been putting off replacement of your commercial roof until sometime later in the year? If you have either been told you need to replace your roof – or have a strong inkling that a simple repair isn’t going to do it – you’ll want to take action before the first snowflake flies. While some Northeast Ohio winters are mild enough for a replacement, it’s just not worth taking the gamble.

If you are still on the fence about whether you can scrape by with a repair to patch you over until next spring, consider the following guidelines:

  • As a general rule of thumb, if 25% or more of the roof is damaged, it’s more cost-efficient to replace the entire roof.
  • If the damage to your roof is severe (e.g., the insulation is wet or not performing), it is time for replacement.
  • Have previous repairs not held up? If you continue to incur damages, it is time to replace.
  • Is the damage located over an area of the building that is critical to your business operations?
  • Are the problems located over an expensive piece of manufacturing equipment, or over sensitive computer and electronics equipment?

When in doubt, inspect! Regular maintenance and inspections will reveal any damage or potential issues that could compromise your roof system. Inspections are best performed in spring and early fall. If you skipped a spring inspection, you will want to either repair damage or schedule a replacement before foul weather season strikes in just a few months.

Ready to Replace? Time to Schedule.

Fall is the ideal time to schedule your roof replacement. If you have any leaking or ponding water now, think of the freeze-thaw cycles that occur from November through April. Melted snow can seep into open cracks and seams. When it refreezes, any crack you have will widen and increase the chances for leaks and even interior mold.

Selecting a Contractor

Once you make the decision to replace your roof, you will want to hire the best commercial roofing company to get the job done efficiently, safely and professionally. It’s a best practice to contact at least three contractors when planning to have your roof replaced. Getting multiple quotes provides variety and will ultimately result in the best value.

Make sure to ask plenty of questions about materials and specifications, as certain contractors may be more skilled in one roofing specification than another. The best contractors are skilled in multiple roofing specifications.

With many options to consider, you want to work with a qualified, experienced and innovative roofer that will walk you through each of these options. No two roofs are alike, so make sure you are not getting a one-solution-meets-all quote. Most of all, don’t put a replacement off—while a new roof is a major expenditure, you can make things worse by risking damage to your property and even to the welfare of your employees.

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