7/18/22 11:37 AM 6 min read

5 Common Reasons for Commercial Roof Failure

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Your commercial building roof is something you probably rarely think about unless there is a problem. It withstands day after day of harsh Northeast Ohio weather, be it blazing hot sun, rainy days, wind and storms or months of ice and snow. You rely on your roof to do its job every day, but even well-built roofs deteriorate from age or weather. When the roof of your commercial building fails, you want answers.

Let’s go over some of the top reasons for commercial roof failure, and how you can prevent them.

1.) Bad materials

We often have no control over or knowledge about how the roofs were built of commercial properties we purchase. Many commercial roof buildings are constructed with the cheapest material possible. Shoddy materials deteriorate more quickly, and are prone to problems like punctures, tears and leaks earlier in their life cycle. An experienced commercial roof inspector knows how to spot materials that are weak, failing or that could already be causing problems under your roof.

2.) Poor construction

Bad materials often go hand in hand with bad construction, but even top roofing materials can fail prematurely if the roof isn’t built right by experienced commercial roofing experts. These problems are usually found fairly early in the life of a commercial roof, as small issues that happened during construction such as punctures or tears quickly become big problems.

3.) Exposure

Weather is one of the biggest factors in roof failure. In Greater Cleveland, our seasons are intense, and each can bring its own challenges to even a solidly built roof. In addition to wind, rain, snow, storms and the baking sun, consider if your commercial building is in an area where the roof may regularly be exposed to chemicals or pollutants that could be harmful to it over time. Always inspect your roof after a storm or in between seasons.

4.) Deterioration/Age of roof

Even the best roofs will wear out over time, but there are problems that can lead to premature aging of your roof, such as mold, dirt, water collection/algae and even foot traffic. Make sure nobody is using your roof as a place to hang out and relax or to take in great views, and clean and inspect your roof regularly.

5.) Structural problems

The building itself may not have been constructed properly, which eventually can lead to roof damage, or may have had additions or renovations completed that will cause problems with the roof. Work done to a building’s HVAC system, skylight(s) or other structural work can also cause shifts in the building, leading to major roof damage.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Roof inspections are vitally important to the integrity of your commercial building roof, allowing you to discover and fix problems before they get out of hand. Robert’s Roofing has worked in commercial and industrial roofing for over 40 years and would be happy to provide a free commercial roof inspection and a free quote as part of their continued dedication to quality, technical skills and trusted service to Cleveland-area businesses. Their team of experts follows all state and federal guidelines and brings every needed certification and area of expertise to each job.

Contact Roberts Roofing today for your free commercial roof inspection via our online form, or by calling 440-946-2233.