5/1/23 9:31 AM 6 min read

3 Secrets Commercial Roofers Aren’t Telling You


Commercial roofing companies are not all the same. You hire experts because you assume they have the experience you need, and hope that they will be honest, fair and do great work. But everyone doesn’t have the same ethics or operate the same way. Here are three things commercial roofing companies may not tell you when you contact them.

1.) Insurance variability

Most people ask if a roofer has insurance and the answer is “yes,” and that’s the end of it. But coverage and type can vary from company to company. Some companies carry the minimum amount of liability insurance required by law, which could leave you open to a claim on your own insurance in the event of an accident or property damage. This can be very costly and could include attorney fees, medical expenses and an increase in your premium.

Roberts Roofing carries substantial insurance (liability and comprehensive), well above the minimum required by the state of Ohio.

2.) Different roofing materials

Not all roofers use or have the access and experience needed to handle a wide variety of roofing materials. Roberts Roofing leverages more than 40 years of experience and solid relationships with suppliers to get the best price on materials our clients need for any and all commercial roofing jobs.

Some companies will try to sell you a solution that isn’t ideal based on the materials they have on hand or on what they know how to install, instead of what materials are right for your job. We consider your budget and the specifics of your building’s roof including age, type and exposure to the elements, and make recommendations on what’s truly best for your repair or installation.

The type of material and scope of the job should be decided by the need of the job, not what the roofing company has on hand. We have experience with nearly every type and manufacturer of roofing material that exists. We install roofing systems that are designed directly by the manufacturers of each type of material. We follow tried and true roofing specifications that are thoroughly and meticulously designed from the ground up. 

3.) Not everyone is a pro installer

Experience is hard to quantify. Some companies may tell you that they have experience in dealing with your type of commercial roof repair or installation, but how do you prove that?

The experienced roofing professionals at Roberts Roofing would be happy to discuss the training and certifications our team receives every year to ensure we stay current with the latest equipment, trends and materials in the commercial roofing field. We follow stringent safety guidelines and train apprentices on a path to being a lifelong roofing professional that starts before they ever set foot on a job site.

Our reputation is on the line with every job, and every job is important. We do not cut corners, take shortcuts or quit until the job is done right.

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