1/15/21 3:30 PM 4 min read

Well Wishes for the New Year and Your Commercial Roof During Winter


It’s not a stretch to say that 2020 was one of the most challenging years any of us have experienced. Once COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in the U.S., most businesses were forced to shut down and the economy took a severe blow. Unless a business was able to pivot to make personal protective equipment (PPE) or other critical supplies, there is a good chance that it experienced difficult effects of the slowdown and had to adjust for a remote workforce. COVID-19 stimulus bills are providing relief to many business owners, though we empathize with those businesses that have suffered the most severe consequences of the pandemic.

Certain industries were declared essential, such as construction, financial services and industrial manufacturing. As a commercial and industrial roofing company that ensures the continuity of building functions, Roberts Roofing was declared an essential business in Northeast Ohio. We have continued to work throughout the pandemic, following CDC and Ohio safety guidelines to a tee to protect our customers and our employees.

While we feel fortunate to be an essential business, we know that economic uncertainty may have caused some property owners to delay roof replacements and repairs. Please know that the Roberts Roofing team will work with you to prioritize any repairs that must be made to protect your building assets. As we often write in these blogs, minor flat roof issues today can become major, expensive repairs when left unattended.

Our work doesn’t stop during the winter months—flat roofs are prone to snow and ice buildup, and aside from the worst winter days, we are able to make at least temporary repairs to carry you through spring. And speaking of spring, it’s not too early to schedule a spring inspection. We’ll send one of our professional commercial roofing contractors to look for signs of damage, both inside and outside your building.

As more people receive their vaccines, we can all look forward to putting the pandemic behind us later this year. In the meantime, we continue to value your support of Roberts Roofing during these challenging times. We’ll continue to work closely with you to schedule repairs around your timetable and at a safe social distance. Above all, we wish you and your team a healthy and successful 2021.

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