12/8/22 11:00 AM 6 min read

How Rainy Season Can Mean Disaster for Your Commercial Roof


Northeast Ohio commercial building roofs are subject to every type of weather extreme. With our temperature fluctuations and heavy cloud cover due to Lake Effect weather, there’s no single month of the year when heavy rain would be out of the ordinary.

Roberts Roofing can help you withstand the constant beat-down on your roof from rain.

Temperature Extremes Weaken Your Commercial Roof

Here in Greater Cleveland, we can swing from very hot to very cold temperatures quickly, and the seasons change with a bang, often bringing heavy precipitation to the area after long, hot, dry spells in the summer. These extremes are very hard on your roof sealant materials, causing erosion, cracking and gaps. This can spell disaster for your building’s roof. Continual focus on keeping your commercial roof as waterproof as it can be is very important. It protects your roof and protects the building underneath from damage. The best way to achieve this is a combination of preventive maintenance and prompt repair of damage.

Preventive Commercial Roof Maintenance for the Rainy Season

Roberts Roofing conducts roofing inspections that look for potential roof issues from both the exterior perspective and from inside the building. Our comprehensive inspections consider each unique factor of your roof and building, including the following:

Age of Roof

Even the best roofing systems eventually need to be replaced, with a maximum life of around 25 years. Checking for damage from aging is a crucial part of roof inspection and maintenance.

Drainage and Gutter System

Leaves, twigs and other debris can clog your gutters, causing a water backup that can lead to damage to the roof, siding or the building’s foundation.

Pooled Water

Heavy and steady rain can cause pools of water to form on your commercial building roof. Standing water can penetrate your roof’s membrane anywhere there might be even a small gap or crack, which can lead to costly damage.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and the smell of mildew are extremely urgent problems and indicate lingering water damage to your roof or building. Mold problems need to be mitigated as soon as they are found—mold is a human health hazard and should be dealt with only by experienced professionals.

Visible Damage

Our inspection includes closely examining the physical structure of your building and roof, including any metal flashing, which can be damaged during wind and rain storms. We examine your entire roof deck for damage and potential problems.

Emergency Response Team

While we emphasize the need for preventive maintenance and regular inspection, Mother Nature has a mind of her own. We understand the importance of quickly responding to emergencies due to your commercial building roof. The team at Roberts Roofing has more than 40 years of experience in dealing with every type of commercial roof damage you can imagine: fires, flooding, blizzards, tornadoes, you name it. You can count on us to respond quickly when you need our services in the event of an emergency.

Contact Roberts Roofing online to schedule a rainy weather roof inspection, or call us at 440-946-2233.