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How to Make Your Commercial Roofing Project Run More Smoothly

You have determined you need a new roof for your commercial building. You did your research, set a budget and identified several qualified roofing contractors for your project. Once you select the winning bid, your job is done—all you have to do now is wait for the contractor to show up and complete the project, right?

If only life were so simple. In reality, even though a roofing contractor is responsible for implementing your roofing project, it’s important that you as the building owner be part of the planning process, from inception through completion, and hold your contractor accountable throughout the duration of the project. With that in mind, Roberts Roofing recommends the following considerations and tips for reroofing your facility:

1. Plan your project early

The roofing season in Northeast Ohio is very short—at best, we get seven to nine months to complete projects. While some roofing projects can take two to three months to complete, working days are always affected by the weather. If your project will take a month or more, start the planning process early in the year – between January and March – and try to award a contract by April 1. This not only ensures your project will be one of the first on the contractor’s schedule, but pricing is usually more competitive at this time.

Planning can even occur before January 1. Many of our larger clients get their specifications and pricing completed in late fall and award the work in January so the project can begin as soon as the weather breaks. This way, a contractor can take advantage of an early spring and get some preliminary aspects of the project completed during the winter, such as abandoned equipment demolition, interior protection and roof safety setup.

Advance planning gives you ample time to make adjustments to your business and helps the roofing contractor keep the project on schedule. For Roberts Roofing, this has saved our clients thousands of dollars. Additionally, open and honest communication well in advance of starting the project results in a harmonious and timely completion of your roofing project.

2. Choose the right roofing system and contractor for your particular building

Deciding which commercial roofer to hire is essential. You will want to make sure you are hiring an experienced, reliable and professional company for long-lasting, cost-efficient results.


3. Ask for a Firm Time Commitment

At the time of signing on the “dotted line,” discuss with your contractor where your project will be on the schedule and how long the project will take from start to finish. Ensure that the contractor has adequate personnel to complete your project in a reasonable amount of time. At Roberts Roofing, we have seen cases where projects slated to be completed in 45 days by a crew of seven to ten men were staffed with only four men, and took five months to complete. Do you really want such a major construction project to drag on, affecting your operations and disrupting your employees for the entire summer?

4. Make Sure Your Contractor Confirms that Materials are Available

Generally, most commercial roof project materials are readily available; however, shortages have occurred in the past, and manufacturers are implementing tighter inventory controls so that they do not have millions of dollars in product sitting on their warehouse floors for six months during the winter. An experienced contractor will expertly navigate that situation to your advantage.

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