2/23/18 1:44 PM 5 min read

Complex Commercial Roofing Jobs Require Specialized Equipment


In a recent blog, we explained why not all commercial roof replacement jobs are straightforward. When there is dangerous equipment near the job site, or the roof deck is inaccessible due to the surrounding environment, you will need a professional roofing company that has specialized equipment to work around any complex requirements. At Roberts Roofing, we are prepared to meet these challenges with specialized – even unusual – equipment to get the job done.

Sometimes the design of the roof itself, such as a steep pitch or complexities from new additions being added to the facility over the years, results in making some sections of the roof simply out of reach or completely inaccessible. Such was the case at Cleveland-based Mid-West Forge Corporation, a forging and machining company for axle shafts.


A section of metal roofing at Mid-West Forge’s facility had been leaking for years. Because of the design of the roof section, the problem had been improperly repaired over the years. The section of roof in question was more than 40 feet in the air and dangerously narrow. The combination of location and width posed serious safety issues for any commercial roofer attempting to make the repair.


By using our articulated lift, an aerial work platform with multiple boom sections that hinge, we were able to safely work off the platform to make the repairs. This specialized equipment allowed us to gain access to the work area despite the obstacles in our way. Specifically, the articulated lift enabled our professionals to work on the complicated areas of the plant while booming up and around obstructions via telescoping capabilities.

The two-man repair team was able to properly finish the job that had been pestering the steel plant for quite some time, and was even considered unfixable by several other local roofing companies due to the location of the problem areas.

For some roof replacement and repair jobs, it may be critical that you work with a commercial roofing company with specialized equipment. The articulated lift allowed the professionals at Roberts Roofing to complete the job in a safe and timely fashion.

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