9/27/23 2:41 PM 6 min read

Storm Season Is Here: Protect Your Commercial Roof from the Elements


We have seen some record rainfall amounts in Northeast Ohio, with “storms of the century” happening a lot more often than once every hundred years. With the arrival of fall comes storm season, which will mean more frequent storms that bring high winds, hail, heavy rain and downed trees and power lines. Storms can cause massive damage to a roof. Here’s how to take care of your commercial building roof during stormy weather season.

Before Storms:

Stay Current on Roof Maintenance

Roberts Roofing recommends a regular inspection and maintenance schedule to prevent problems before they begin. Whether you hire a pro or DIY your building’s roof, knowledgeable inspection and proper maintenance of your commercial roof can prevent thousands of dollars in costly repairs after a storm. Inspections can find small problems and give you a chance to fix them before they become big problems during and after a storm.

Be Prepared

Water will find a problem if you don’t. Regular roof inspections should be part of your routine, but especially when you know a storm is approaching. Before an incoming storm, do a quick inspection of your commercial building roof to make sure it’s clear of debris (which can prevent proper drainage) and hasn’t developed any problems that could allow for water intrusion. Check for areas where roofing material may be loose, missing, cracked or broken. Check for standing water spots and drainage problems. Consider trimming nearby trees with branches that overhang wires and/or your commercial building roof.

After Storms:

Inspect for Damage

The importance of inspecting your roof after a storm cannot be overstated. Though you might think you came through a storm unscathed from the inside of your building, on the outside, hail, high winds and heavy rain can wreak havoc. Always carefully inspect your commercial building roof after a storm to make sure it’s fully intact and properly protecting your building. While older roofs are more susceptible to damage, even new roofs are not a match for some of these big storm systems.

Repair Promptly and Properly

Storm season lasts for months; when one is gone, another may be on the way in a matter of days. Damage to your commercial building roof by a storm should be repaired as soon as possible—before Mother Nature can take advantage of the weakness and create an even bigger, more expensive problem with the next storm. Don’t delay in getting commercial building roof issues repaired.

Commercial Roofing Help When You Need It

Roberts Roofing has responded to thousands of emergency calls over the 40+ years we have been in business. Our clients know they can depend on us, and that we have experience in addressing every type of damage minor and major, including and up to total roof collapse. Our team will work with you on a plan to inspect, prepare and repair your commercial building roof after any type of storm damage. Contact Roberts Roofing online or for faster service, call us at 440-946-2233.