12/14/20 4:25 PM 4 min read

Flat Roof Winter Repairs


Commercial roof repair is an intricate process in even ideal conditions. When you factor sub-zero temperatures, ice and snow into the mix, repairs become much more complex.

At the same time, commercial building owners should know that a standard leak repair completed in the summer is not that difficult. Identifying the problem area and applying the materials needed for the repair in the warm summer months is fairly straightforward—assuming that professional protocols are followed. Yet if that same repair is attempted in late January or early February, the price will likely double.

The reason is that cooler and wetter weather produce conditions that entail considerably more work for roofers when they get up on a commercial roof. And that’s after they’ve cleared any slush and salted the pavement just to get the ladder set and erected safely.

As you might expect, locating a leak on a flat roof that holds several feet of snow can be a very time-consuming job. Repairing a simple, slow-dripping leak can take several hours, given the time it takes just to remove snow from the roof surface. Once that snow has been removed, the roof surface must be dried sufficiently to apply repair materials. This is usually accomplished with a propane torch and lots of scrubbing.

A good way to avoid costly winter repairs is to have your roof maintained before winter’s full force arrives.

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Nevertheless, here are a few things to watch for during the winter months:

  • Remember that the warm air inside your building can cause a leak to start once snow accumulates on the roof surface, even where there wasn’t a leak before.
  • Contraction occurs when temperatures drop, causing the roof membranes to bend and buckle. This can result in leaks and damage to the roof surface.
  • Ice forming on gutters or around drains will prevent any drainage from occurring and can result in considerable damage to your roof surface.

Should you experience any of these issues on your commercial roof during the winter months, Roberts Roofing will dispatch a professional to determine the best course of action for your particular issue.

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