Preventing Costly Commercial Roof Blow-Offs

A roof blow-off is a disaster that no commercial building owner wants to experience. This unfortunate incident can occur when the commercial roof system fails entirely, or sufficiently enough to allow the system to be completely freed from the roof surface, exposing the structural decking to the elements and allowing rain or snow to directly enter the building in catastrophic fashion.

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Expect Clear Communications From Your Commercial Roofer

It happens all the time—your roofing contractors don’t show, your commercial roof problems remain unresolved or you are thrown for a loop when unexpected charges appear on your bill. As the owner of a commercial building, you should expect full transparency from your roofing contractor.

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There is No “Miracle in a Can”

In past blogs, we have addressed instances when applying a coating on a commercial roof can help building owners get by in the short-term. However, far too often we at Roberts Roofing Company see coatings viewed as a “miracle in a can.” Roof coatings should not be used as a Band-Aid approach to patch over persisting commercial roof problems.

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