When a Commercial Roof Leak is Not a Roof Leak

When a commercial building owner finds water where it’s not supposed to be, the first inclination is to suspect that the roof is leaking. Yet even when the water is coming from the top of the building, it is not always caused by the roof system itself.

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Understanding Roofing System Options for Flat Roof Replacement

Once you make the decision to invest in a new roof for your commercial building, the next step is to understand the multiple options available to you. Your decision will likely be affected by five key factors: how long you intend to own the building; its location; the construction of the building and its roof, your budget; and how the property is being used.

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Why Your Commercial Roofer Should Own its Own Boom Truck

Commercial roofing is an intricate and technical job. One major piece of equipment necessary for almost every roof application job is an overhead crane called a boom truck. The boom truck is a cornerstone of any commercial roofing company, and the lack of one will likely cost you, the customer, in the long run.

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