Our Approach

Your Roberts Roofing Company sales representatives will remain involved throughout your project through  completion with regular site visits and ongoing communication. We  will discuss project set-up and schedule with the property owner’s representative. A fully trained and experienced foreman with decision-making capabilities will be on site at all times. Roberts Roofing will have an experienced professional inside during the tear-off phase of the project. The areas to be reroofed will be tarped underneath, and all personnel in those areas will be notified of what to expect.

Ongoing Communication
Roberts Roofing requires our job foreman and all field supervisors to inspect the night tie-in procedure at the end of the day’s work. Roberts Roofing has a full-time receptionist answering the phones and direct communication to all field foreman and supervisors. We have  a 24-hour message service that various personnel check during severe weather, weekends and holidays. Roberts Roofing will provide cell phone numbers and home phone numbers of key personnel in case of emergency.

Roberts Roofing Company holds the highest installer certification obtainable by many manufacturers. This certification is based on financial stability, crew experience, adequate equipment and resources as well as a flawless installation record. Roberts Roofing Company has never left a project incomplete, we have never been in litigation with a client, we’ve never had a catastrophic roof failure and we have never gone out of business.

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