6 Elements to Include on Your Commercial Roof Inspection Checklist
Commercial Roof Inspection

6 Elements to Include on Your Commercial Roof Inspection Checklist

Inspections are vital to the health of a commercial or industrial building. Heating, plumbing, mechanical and a host of other systems require periodic checkups in order to run smoothly and so that potential issues can be brought to light. As the crown of your building that protects everything beneath it, your commercial roofing system should top your list of necessary routine inspections.

Single Ply Commercial Roof

Why a Single-Ply Commercial Roofing System May Be Best for Your Business

As people begin to emerge from the fog of 2020, there is an eagerness to get back to the “luxury” of planning. For many businesses, that means thinking in terms of capital improvements. Improvements that may have been necessarily delayed in 2020 could be addressed, and 2021 is a great time to put a refresh of your commercial roof back on the table.

Short-Term Fixes for Winter Roof Leaks

Short-Term Fixes for Winter Roof Leaks

Northeast Ohio winters can be hard on any commercial roof, no matter what shape it is in. For example, constant freeze/thaw cycles can lead to trapped moisture in seams that can eventually cause leaks. When drifting snow melts, it can create great pressure on the roof, especially in seams.

Overall, flat roofs are more susceptible to leaks because they don’t allow snow to easily slide off. Additionally, ice can be a real problem on flashings, seams and downspouts. So, what do you do when you spot signs that your roof is leaking this winter?

Replaced Commercial Roof Will Keep Aquatic Center “Dry” for Decades to Come

The Medina Community Recreation Center boasts four swimming pools, including a competition pool and a leisure pool. The city put out for public bid a new premium roof system, with detailed specifications and project inspections performed by Greg Taylor of Taylor Consulting, to cover its recreation center, which consists of a gymnasium and an aquatics center. Roberts Roofing won the bid to replace the roof of the 50,000-square-foot center with a premium system.

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric: 2.85 Million Square-Foot BUR Commercial Roof Replacement

Cleveland-based Lincoln Electric is a global leader in arc welding and cutting solutions. The 1.6 million square-foot global headquarters of the 125-year-old company measures 1.6 million feet, which runs over a half-mile long, making the company the largest facility in the world dedicated to the manufacture of welding products.