Building Owner’s Glossary to Commercial Roofing Terms

5 Factors Affecting Commercial Roof Replacement Costs

There is no question that commercial roof replacement is a significant capital cost for building owners. Once you decide to make the investment, it is helpful to understand the various factors that will affect commercial roof costs. The following 5 factors should be understood by building owners and managers before making a decision.

Commercial Roof Repairs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

At a time when there is nothing normal about everyday life and most businesses were temporarily shuttered, it can be difficult to go about business as usual. Every member of the Roberts Roofing Team wishes the very best for our customers, community and the healthcare professionals working hard to protect and heal those afflicted with the coronavirus (COVID-19). Using good common sense will help us navigate the challenging weeks ahead.

Commercial Roofers

What Do Commercial Roofers Do in the Winter?

Now that snow is already falling in Northeast Ohio, you may be focused on keeping your commercial building warm and the walkways clear. You may not have your roof in mind—after all, you either had roofing professionals out to repair, replace or inspect your roof, or you plan to do so in the spring. But did you ever wonder what roofers do in the winter?

Commercial Roofing Jobs

New Video Highlights Advantages of a Career in Commercial Roofing at Roberts Roofing

As commercial roofers in Northeast Ohio for more than 35 years, we at Roberts Roofing typically blog about flat roof repairs and replacements, commercial roofing systems, safety, annual inspections and…well, you get the idea. This time, however, we want to discuss what is at the heart of our longevity, and what we want our customers to rely on for decades to come—our top-quality professionals.