Commercial Roof Membranes Not Always a Black-and-White Decision
Roof Maintenance Plans

Creating a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan to Last All Year Long

With everything else a business owner has to worry about, it’s easy to understand how annual maintenance of their commercial roof can fall by the wayside. However, the failure to find and correct minor roof defects and deterioration in their earliest stages is the greatest cause of roof damage. Whether you are making repairs or need to replace part or all of your roof, now is a great time to implement a maintenance plan for the entire year.

Section 179

Questions About Section 179 Expensing for Commercial Roof Repairs?

Commercial building owners can benefit from new tax rules affecting the expensing of new roofs and other qualified property. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 expanded Section 179 expensing to include improvements to nonresidential buildings and increased the amount that can be expensed on qualifying real property.

Commercial Roof Blow-offs

Preventing Costly Commercial Roof Blow-Offs

A roof blow-off is a disaster that no commercial building owner wants to experience. This unfortunate incident can occur when the commercial roof system fails entirely, or sufficiently enough to allow the system to be completely freed from the roof surface, exposing the structural decking to the elements and allowing rain or snow to directly enter the building in catastrophic fashion.