Customized Commercial Roofing Requirements for Hospitals, Health Care Facilities
Roofing Foreman

What a Commercial Roofing Foreman Can Expect in a Career at Roberts Roofing

The skilled labor shortage that is prevalent across many industries in the U.S. also affects the commercial roofing industry. As senior workers retire, there is a smaller pool of available talent from which to hire. The following Q&A explains what a foreman can expect by working for us, and the requirements we need in an individual for the position.


10 Steps You Can Take to Self-Inspect Your Commercial Roof

Roberts Roofing Company has been providing commercial and industrial roofing solutions in Northeast Ohio since 1981. While we are available to assess any problem, we work with our customers to spot problems and take steps to proactively address immediate needs between scheduled maintenance inspections. There are 10 steps you can take for cost savings and better roof performance.

Roof Restoration

Commercial Roof Restoration or Commercial Roof Replacement?

Roofs that have passed the point of no return are not good candidates for a roof coating system. That being said, roof restorations cost much less, are less disruptive to your business, often offer tax benefits and will extend the short-term life of your building. So let’s look at key factors to help you decide between roof restoration and roof replacement.